Customer Information

1. FTP users

FTP usernames in Web Drive can be a maximum of 30 characters in length. This will be reduced to a maximum character length of 16 on Openhost. Any FTP usernames which exceed the 16 character limit will be truncated and may require some reconfiguration.

FTP users will be migrated on a best effort basis, but WebDrive accounts with multiple FTP users cannot be mapped to individual websites. Therefore, it is likely that your FTP users will need to be reset or reconfigured if you host multiple websites with WebDrive. See our FTP connection guide here.

2. PHP versions

Supported versions are 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0,7.1,7,2

PHP4 websites will be updated to PHP5.2. Should your website not support a higher version, you may require a bespoke VPS service in order to support EOL PHP versions.

The PHP version can now be set dynamically in your new control panel. See out PHP version change guide here.

3. MYSQL databases

Only active and in-use databases will be migrated. A used database is determined by our scripts searching for database credentials in the website files. If a database is missing on the new platform we can re-run the migration script specifically for that database and point the DNS back to the original host server in the meantime.

4. MYSQL database users

Database user access will be restricted to each web space. This means, that if one or more websites share a single database user, some database user reconfiguration and database connection strings will require updating.

In preparation for the migration, we will attempt to identify and resolve any database access complications prior to the move. New individual database users will be required and some connection strings will need to be updated.

5. Remote database connections

If you connect to one of our database servers from a remotely from another server or tool, you will need to have your connecting host IP address white-listed for remote access.

6. Cron jobs

Cron jobs will be migrated into the Plesk control panel.

Cron jobs running on PHP 4 will be upgraded to PHP 5.2 but may require some reconfiguration.

7. Bash scripts

Bash (.sh) scripts will no-longer be supported on the new web server for security reasons.

8. Domain contacts

All contacts that are assigned to a domain as the registrant will be imported into the 'Users' menu of the Openhost customer dashboard.

We are working with our developers to improve the filter and display options in this menu. Currently, domain contact only users will have no access permissions to login to the Openhost customer dashboard.

9. Domain “Glue records”

Glue records are not currently supported in the Openhost domain management menus, but is currently in development.

10. Email addresses

All email addresses are migrated into the Openhost customer dashboard under the 'Email Manager Pro' menu. Once a mail service has been migrated, all future management and control actions should be performed via the Openhost dashboard. A notification will be shown in your old control panel showing that your account is migrated.

11. DNS zones

While all other resources (websites, web-redirects, email, domain registrations) are being migrated, we will schedule a final DNS migration with all zones at a later stage. DNS zone changes will as a result still be controlled from the WebDrive Control Panel:

If you're having trouble logging into the old WebDrive control panel, please perform a password reset from the Web Drive login page.

Overnight on Tuesday when the migration occurs, we will be updating the web traffic DNS records to point to the new host.

12. Websites with DNS hosted with a third party

For customers using a third party DNS service (eg. nameservers pointed to CloudFlare) we are unable to update your DNS records on your behalf.

This means, we will rely on these domain owners to update their own DNS settings in order to connect to the new web hosting server on

When we complete the DNS changes over night, we will reverse proxy all incoming requests for your site to our new server. This is not ideal but the only option in this case. Your website might be slower than normal but once you’ve updated the DNS to point to the new server, service speeds will improve.

13. URL redirection

Domains with URL redirection configured will be moved into the Openhost dashboard. See our URL redirection guide here.

14. SSL Certificates

For websites with an existing SSL certificate purchase, this will be carried over to the new web server

For websites connected to the PHP7 server IP. Your LetsEncrypt SSL certificate will be re-created on the new web server. 

15. How can I contact support?

For migration dedicated service inquiries, please contact us on