Customer Information

1. What if I have an open invoice in WebDrive but the service has moved to Openhost?

After migration, all services will be renewed through your new Openhost control panel. Please email our Accounts Services team to clear any open invoices on your Web Drive account on


2. How will over-usage be billed in Web Drive vs OAP?

Over-usage will be billed in Openhost after exceeding the allowed specifications on the plan. The invoice for over-usage will be generated on your control panel for you to initiate payment.


3. What are the payment methods available in Openhost vs Web Drive?

After migration payments can be made on Openhost only via credit card, direct credit and/or POLi pay. Please note we are unable to continue Direct Debit & Quickpay as a payment option from Web Drive. Customers are advised to ensure payment methods are setup as per their preference on their Openhost account.

If you have a credit card currently stored on Webdrive, you will need to store this yourself on the Openhost Control Panel. For security purposes, we aren't able to move this for you.


4. What are the new bank account details for payment on Openhost?

Openhost bank details for direct credit payment are:

Bank Name: Umbrellar Ltd T/A Openhost
Bank Account No.: 02-0108-0449256-00


5. What happens to the excess payment on my Web Drive account?

Excess payments from your Web Drive account will be migrated as credit to your Openhost account. This will be completed for you after the migration of your services.


6. What differences should I expect between Webdrive and Openhost billing?

Webdrive's billing platform was invoice driven, which meant you got an invoice on the 1st of each month. However, Openhost's billing platform is subscription driven, which means you will get a renewal order 3 days before the expiry of your services. You can check the current expiry date of your services in your new Openhost Control panel.

If you have a stored credit card, payment will be taken automatically when the renewal order is issued. If you pay with PoliPay, it will be applied straight away. If you pay with manual bank transfer, it will get allocated to your account within 1-3 working days of payment. Please make sure you make payment with sufficient time for the services to renew prior to expiry, so your services don't get interrupted.


7. What verification information do I need to provide for billing queries on call/email with Account Services team?

You are advised to provide your Web Drive username and/or your Openhost Account ID for the accounts team to assist you with your queries.


8. What if I want to change plans once my services have been migrated?

Initially, for linux hosting plans, changes will not be available on the new Openhost platform. We endeavour to make plan changes available in the new year, for customers on legacy Webdrive services wishing to upgrade to Openhost plan tiers. However, for Windows migrated customers, we have moved you to standard Openhost plans, so you can change plans in your control panel, if you wish. 


9. How can I contact support?

For migration dedicated service enquiries, please contact us at